Gulag 113


GULAG 113 TRAILER from Marcus Kolga on Vimeo.

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Gulag 113 follows 89-year old Estonian-Canadian Eduard Kolga, a survivor of the Soviet GULAG system, as he journeys from his home in Canada to revisit key locations from the horrifying ordeal he and millions of other Eastern Europeans experienced more than 60 years ago.

Kolga’s story of toil and starvation at the hands of the Red Army is all too familiar within the many communities — Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians Poles, Ukrainians and Finns – who similarly suffered in Soviet labour camps during World War II, but is largely unknown in the West.

“In approaching my grandfather to recall difficult memories and retrace grueling steps, I aimed not only to raise awareness of Stalin’s brutality but to humanize the ‘statistics’
his regime saw simply as a consequence of war,” says Marcus Kolga, Producer of Gulag 113. “I am grateful for the support of OMNI’s Independent Producers’ Initiative
for enabling me to do so.”

“Revealing the untold stories of ethnocultural Canadians, whether those tales are positive or negative, and introducing them to new audiences is one of the key
reasons why the OMNI Television Independent Producers Initiative exists,” echoes  Malcolm Dunlop, Vice President, Programming and Marketing for Rogers Media Television.
In addition to powerful images captured on location in Estonia and Russia, Gulag 113 offers rarely seen historical battle footage and an interview with Pulitzer Prize
winning author, Anne Applebaum.

Gulag 113 was exclusively funded through OMNI’s Independent Producers Initiative, a $32.5 million independent production fund. This seven-year funding commitment by OMNI was initiated and made available for independent producers to create thirdlanguage/ethnocultural programming. The documentaries will be broadcast in their original language and transcreated into English as well as a range of other languages.

Eduard documents1943 Tartu

Eduard documents1943 Tartu

Eduard at the Gulag 113 campsite

Eduard at the Gulag 113 campsite

Eduard and Kotlas Memorial activist Irina Dubrovina

Eduard and Kotlas Memorial activist Irina Dubrovina

Eduard in Estonia's Kaitseliit/militia

Eduard in Estonia’s Kaitseliit/militia

Eduard's farmhouse, Lambajaani

Eduard’s farmhouse, Lambajaani